About us

This blog is a part from 3 masters students’ project in the field of E-Business.We are Mohammed Hasweh , Ammar Mismar from Jordan and Yani Karampelas from Greece, doing a Master’s in Business of Innovation and Technology at the AIT(Athens Information Technology). Having working out as a common habit and also being interested in healthy eating habits, the outcome couldn’t be something else. We already have some experience about the issue ,but in this  blog we are trying to get the best out of collective knowledge. So,if you have some suggestions or questions ,please feel free to express your selves.The blog is divided in 3 categories:

Monday’s Inspiration

Every Monday we will pusblish some articles and videos that will try to inspire you. The inspiration is a very important factor in keeping working out in schedule and also getting to a new and higher level of fitness

Healthy Thursday

Every Thurday we will pusblish articles about  healthy nutrition sources.Our intention is give you some suggestions to build a healthy and strong body that can work out for many exhausting hours

The Saturday’s Excercises

Every Saturday we will publish articles about excercises that target to build a strong body.They will also help you to get the maximum  muscle volume that you can get


Enjoy reading the blog my friends.

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Thank you.


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