“Iron” Mike Zambidis  is a professional Greek kickboxer and martial artist. He is a 15 time World Champion, and is the current W.I.P.U. “King of the Ring” super-welterweight kickboxing oriental rules world championalso competing in the K-1 MAX.







Mike Zambidis started training in martial arts before he was nine years old with his brother Spiros Zambidis and his best friend Lazaros Filipas. He has trained in Shotokan, Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai.He started competing professionally in 2000, scoring a string of victories over notable opponents. So far, the majority of his wins have been knock-outs. He has been technically knocked out twice himself early in his career due to cuts, but since 2002, his only technical knock-out defeat was in 2008 against Andy Souwer in an extra round.

Zambidis has defeated notable kickboxer Jenk Behic twice, Gurkan Ozkan twice, Wanlop Sosathopan, Bakari Tounkara, Matteo Sciacca, Petr Polak. In 2002, he knocked out the strong and experience Dutch-Morrocan Hassan Kassrioui.


In 2003, promoter Tarik Solak arranged Zambidis’ debut fight in Japan against 2002 World K-1 Max Champion Albert Kraus, whom he knocked out in the 2nd round. In April 2005, Zambidis knocked out with a right hook the popular Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto, in front of thousands of the Japanese kickboxer’s fans. Zambidis” weakness seems to be receiving low kicks, as was seen in his 2006 defeat by Japanese Yoshihiro Sato, who, despite getting hurt by Zambidis’ punches, managed to land many kicks and knees which racked up enough points to “secure a unanimous decision.” Zambidis is a 4 time national champion in kickboxing as well as holding a large number of international titles.


In addition to his many outstanding fights, the K-1 World MAX 2010 Final 16 match on October the 3rd, 2010 against Chahid Oulad El Hadj was notable as being not only one of the most exciting of his career but as stated by ring side commentators “Sugar” Ray Sefo and Michael “The Voice” Schiavello one by which a standard was set for other K-1 fights. However he didn’t make it to the final as he lost to Giorgio Petrosyan after decision where the knock down Zambidis did to Petrosyan was not counted by the judges (and was controversially ruled a slip) which resulted in a Petrosyan victory.


He fought a rubber match (both having won 1 match apiece) with Australian Muay Thai champion John Wayne Parr in May 2011. Zambidis lost by Tko( 3 knockdowns) in round 1.