Behind any great body is a great diet plan. Cristiano Ronaldo is no exception to this. Combined with his intense training regime, Ronaldo’s diet allows him to maintain his lean, athletic physique and six pack abs. Here is Ronaldo’s typical eating routine:

Breakfast: wholegrain / wholewheat cereal with fruit juice

Lunch: chicken / meat with salad, wholewheat pasta, baked potato, or vegetables

Snack: tuna roll

Dinner: similar meal to lunch

As you can see, Ronaldo’s diet is built around eating healthy carbs (no refined sugars) and good sources of protein while limiting his intake of unhealthy fats.

During training, Ronaldo will consume energy drinks to replenish his glycogen levels. Keeping up his glycogen levels is very important for Ronaldo during matches as he needs these carbs to help him continue his explosive sprints