Cristiano Ronaldo has a great set of six pack abs which is why he was able to take over for David Beckham as a model for Armani. The first key to having six pack abs is that Ronaldo’s body fat is below 10%. He got to that level because of the 3-5 hours of training he performs on a daily basis.

Soccer is a sport that requires balance, flexibility, and a strong core. In addition, the explosive nature of the workouts help burn fat faster than regular steady state cardio. These combined features give Ronaldo his six pack abs.

To get abs like Ronaldo, you’ll need to ensure your body fat is lower than 10%. The HIIT workout routine combined with circuits or strength training outlined above can help get you there. To improve your core strength, exercises like planks and renegade rows help. Crunches will not help you spot reduce your abdominal fat. In most case, crunches merely hurt your lower back since the purpose of abs is to keep your spine straight.